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We originally started a baseball photography business in Cooperstown, NY that captured photos of the fans visiting the "home of baseball"  30 plus years ago. Yes, we love baseball just like you or someone you know.


Our mission when creating our baseball sports clocks was to make something unique and special to express our deep appreciation of the game to other fans of our national pastime. The quality of our products had to be high with attention to detail. Our baseball clock products are not massed produced but manufactured by us in limited quantities. This is important to us knowing that fellow baseball fans will be displaying our baseball sports clocks in their homes or offices for a lifetime. Quality is paramount.


2020 marks our 26th season manufacturing quality baseball timepieces. From the beginning, we offer a 60-day return policy. We are proud to say that in all our years in this business, to date, we have only had one product returned.

Our promise to you is to always provide quality baseball gift products that you would want for yourself.


If you should want to contact our company, please know that a baseball enthusiast will reach out to you who is committed to your pleasant experience with our company.

Please take a moment and check our products. Special requests are welcomed. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Warm regards.

Alan & Peg


Alan and Peg, Owners of Cooperstown Time Company
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