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The Cooperstown Timepiece sculptures are all designed to capture the elegance of our favorite sport  by incorporating the central elements of the game... the bat and ball.

The precision clock movement is engineered by the renowned clock manufacturer of Japan and is hand-mounted in a Rawlings official league baseball. The Seiko clock piece has a mineral glass crystal accented with a  gold-plated brass bezel. The ball rests easily on the base sculpted from select hard wood and  completed to a smooth finish. The beautifully grained wood base makes each Cooperstown  Timepiece a unique work of art. These baseball products are designed for fans, customers or colleagues with discerning good taste.The Cooperstown Timepiece products are so unique that they were awarded with three patents by the U.S Government patent office.

Do you recollect the gratifying feeling of hitting a ball solidly on the sweet spot of a bat? The way the bat sounded and the ball seemed to explode off the bat high into the air. Whether it was caught or not (preferably not), fair or foul, it made you feel good. In that spirit, we introduce to you a baseball collectible that brings back that gratifying feeling, the Original Cooperstown Baseball Sport Timepiece. Satisfaction guaranteed!

The "Original" Baseball Sport Clock

SKU: CTC-001
  • We manufacture desk and mantle clocks with a baseball twist. All Cooperstown Time Company's Baseball Clocks are created using quality components complimented with select hardwoods.  The ball rests easily on the base sculpted from select hard woods complete with a hand rubbed finish. The beautifully grained wood base makes each  Cooperstown Timepiece an original work of art.

  • We are so confident of this or any one our Cooperstown Timepieces will be cherished a lifetime, that we offer sixty days return policy for a full refund less shipping and handling.

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